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Tours re-commencing on 10th September for the upcoming 2022-23 season

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Tourist places in south east Australia in near Great Ocean Road

Australia is the one of the 7 continents in the world. Australia is the sixth largest country in the world as per the total area of the land. The neighboring countries are Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Timor, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and New Zealand. The largest area of urban living is the Sydney which is located in the Victoria’s side of the Australia in the south east coast of Australia. There are also many famous places are there on the south east coast of Australia. The great ocean road coves the most of the places in the south east coast of Australia. The great ocean road is the famous road of the south east coast of Australia.

Tourist places in south east Australia

For tourists, we are providing the single day cheap great ocean road tour. The great ocean road day tour is the day tours which cover the most of these beautiful places near the great ocean road in the single day of time. The great ocean road starts from the Torquay, near the Geelong city and ends at the connecting link of Ziegler Parade, wood stacks lane of princess highway and the Cobden Warrambool. It is the 240 km coastline which connects the pathway between the Geelong and the Warrambool. There following famous places covered by the single day tour are:

  • Pt Addis Coastal View
  • Anglesea View of Pt Road night
  • Memorial Arch (Great Ocean Road Sign)
  • Cape Patton Lookout (Spectacular Lookout)
  • Volcanoes and Lake Colac (on the trip home)
  • 12 Apostles (Depends upon the condition)

The Point Addis coastal view is located in the east of Anglesea. The point Addis beach is 6 miles sea coast. It has a beautiful seaside view in the pathway between the Torquay and the Angelsea. It is a famous beach among the surfing lovers. The point Roadnight is located in the Anglesea. It is the city located in the south east coast of Australia. The spectacular view of the point Roadnight is very beautiful. The point Roadnight is famous for the surfing lovers on the Anglesea.

The memorial Arch is located in the great ocean road. It is the famous sign board on the great ocean road. It is the famous monumental structure and it was completely built in 1932 and it is a memorial symbol in honor of the contributions of the First World War soldiers. The cape Patton lockout is located in Australia at 4825 Great Ocean Rd, Wongarra VIC 3234. The cape Patton lockout is having the beautiful view of the dense forests. The cape Patton lockout is the beautiful place nearby to this place. The spectacular view of the Cape Patton is amazing.

The visit to the 12 apostles depends upon the conditions of the journey.  The journey to the 12 apostles is having the larger distance between other places. The 12 apostles is the most beautiful site among all the sites in the great ocean road day tours. There are 8 limestones on the sea shore near the Great Ocean Road, Victoria. The 12 Apostles increases the enjoyment of the great ocean road tourism.

We are providing the Great Ocean Road Tour with lunch and breakfast. The journey starts from the Pickups St Kilda, CBD, Docklands and Southbank (conditions apply) and ends at the points according to the tourists. With lunch and breakfast, we are providing the facilities of the Pick up Drop Off, Lunch, Breakfast/Snack Pack Cold Water, Sunscreen, Hand Sanitizer, Bug Spray, USB Chargers, Wet Weather Gear, Commentary, Aussie Snacks. For any instance and information you can just contact us at: