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Tours re-commencing on 10th September for the upcoming 2022-23 season

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Sunshine, Waves, Stunning Scenery and Wildlife

During Spring we have it all along the Great Ocean Road. Plenty of Sunshine, Waves, Stunning Scenery and Wildlife are to be seen during a day tour with Ocean Road Tours.

A kangaroo with a joey

One of our first stops along the tour is to view Eastern Grey Kangaroos near Bells Beach. This time we were lucky to see a female with a Joey in Her Pouch. ( he hid when I took the photo) We do see Kangaroos all along our day but to be honest most of the time our guests are staring at the Magnificent Ocean Views Like the one below.

stnning Rainbow Pic near Split Point Lighthouse

The first section of the Great Ocean Road is the Stunning Surf Coast and we often get the chance to see people surfing along this endless collection of Beaches.

a man surfing in Melbourne Australia

winter waves bring out the best at Lorne

As we are always searching for subtle changes to make your day even better we now have a new Lunch Destination complete with the highest ocean views along the Great Ocean Road.

Great Ocean road Highest view of the ocean

As we approach the busy season pre-booking via our website is essential.

Hurry and book early as seats are already filling for the months ahead.

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