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The Small Size Groups Organizing the Single Day Trip to the Great Ocean Road

Australia is the 6th largest country in the world according to the total land area. The South east coast of Australia is having a number of places as compared to the other parts of the country. The south east coast is having many famous and beautiful sites in the world. The two lane famous coastline is located on the south east coast of Australia and it is named as the Great ocean road. The great ocean road connects the two cities of the south east region which are Torquay and the Warrambool. It is the 240 km of long road and it is having the two ends which are the Torquay, near Geelong and the other one is the T point of Ziegler Parade, wood stack lane of princess highway and the Cobden Warrambool road in the Allansford Single Day Trip to the Great Ocean Road.

According to the sources, some groups are organizing the great ocean road small group tours. These tours are the single day great ocean road day tours. The great ocean road, having a number of the tourist sites nearby the roads. These tourist sites are the famous sites on the south east coast and located near the sea coast. The Great ocean road day tours is the name of thegroup which providing the single day trip. The trip includes the visit of all these tourist sites and the experience of the spend time with wildlife.

They are providing the single day tour with the lunch and the breakfast. They also provide many facilities in the tours. These are generally the lunch, breakfast/snacks with cold water. Apart of this, we have the Sunscreen, Hand Sanitizer, Bug Spray, USB Chargers, Wet Weather Gear, Commentary and Aussie Snacks for the journey. The one day tour includes the following:

  • Kangaroos in the wild at Bells Beach
  • Pt Addis Coastal View
  • Anglesea View of Pt Road night
  • Memorial Arch (Great Ocean Road Sign)
  • Hand feed Native Birds and See Koalas
  • Cape Patton Lookout (Spectacular Lookout)
  • Lunch Stop at The Shoppe, Lavers Hill
  • Volcanoes and Lake Colac (on the trip home)
  • 12 Apostles (conditions applied)

They have been providing the journey of the great ocean road since the 40 years. They are doing their work perfectly. The tripadvisor awarded them with the certificate of excellence in the year 2017. The great ocean road day trips are providing the day tours in the three days in a week. These are the Monday, Wednesday and the Friday. The tour is available in the small group tours and they can have the maximum number of the 8 tourists for the journey. We have some limitations for the tourist that we cannot allow the tourist having weight more than the 130 kg and the age must be greater than the 8 years. The tour is available at the price of the affordable range. The price range of the tour is

  • Adults – $144
  • Children (age limit of 8-15) – $124

The team working with the great ocean road day tours is very skillful and perfect in the work. The Great ocean road day tours are awarded with the certificate of excellence in this year 2017. It is one of the best tour services on the great ocean road. You can book your Trip Book now.