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Tours re-commencing on 10th September for the upcoming 2022-23 season

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See, Hear, Enjoy and Experience more with Ocean Road Tours

When we started these tours two years ago we had to be different to all the other tours to be noticed. We also wanted to be different and offer more flexibility to our travelers.
Our Genuine small group tour has proven extremely popular as it provides you with a personal feeling during the tour. You are not just a bum on a seat, so to speak. We take the time to talk to each and everyone of our travelers to ensure you are having the best day possible. This day is about you, not us.
We offer our Early Starts. By leaving the city at 6 am we are ahead of the other tours and have most of our lookouts and viewing areas all to ourselves. No huge crowds to fight for photo space.
By Leaving Early we return Early. Daily returns are usually around 5 p.m.
This enables you to add another activity to your stay in Melbourne. Dinner on the Tram Car Restaurant, Sporting events like the Tennis, Attending one of the many live theater shows or a lovely stroll along Southbank. These and many other options are available due to our Early Return.
Because we are not fighting crowds everywhere we save some time. So we add some extra lookouts and photo stops. At Ocean Road Tours we Created the “10 Second rule”. We encourage every guest to stop for 10 Seconds at each lookout, to just stop and look at the scenery. We have plenty of time to take our pics and chat about the scenery. We just ask you to stop and take it in.
How important is lunch to you? It is very important to us. We partnered with a very special café in the Otway Ranges to supply you with a delicious lunch of Home Cooked meals. You are able to select delights such as Grilled Barramundi, Steak Sandwiches, Quiche, Frittata, Giant Burgers and more. We cater for Vegetarians, Vegans and special diets also. These meals are prepared for us and include a tea or coffee also. We include lunch in your tour costs.
Of course the 12 Apostles are one of the highlights of your tour. After your lunch we visit these magnificent Limestone Pillars and we give you time to explore this wonderful scenery. To complete your tour we visit Loch Ard Gorge another spectacular coastal wonderland, for your special enjoyment.
You start your tour with our Breakfast/Snack pack to keep you going through the day. You also have cold Bottled water on hand, from our mini fridge. Hand Sanitizer, Bug Spray, Sun Screen, Wet Weather gear, USB Chargers and 240v power supply.
Our bus and our safety program have been awarded Best Practice from Bus Safety Victoria and our business is environmentally friendly.
Did I mention our commentary is fun and informative and includes the history of this Australian Icon, Geology , Flora and Fauna, European history and Indigenous History along with General chats about how things are in OZ.
We invite you to share with us, a spectacular Day Tour of The Great Ocean Road. You will travel on a premium style tour and your itinerary is designed to enhance this once in a lifetime opportunity. You will be in awe at the stunning scenery and learn the history of this breathtaking coastline with tales and stories to set the backdrop and make the World Famous Coastline come to life.” Stuart, Ocean Road Tours.