Why Us

Ocean Road Tours

After 15 years of working for, and observing, other Great Ocean Road tours, we took the opportunity to provide some Different Options not previously on offer along the Great Ocean Road. Our premium-style day tour of  The Great Ocean Road  departs early ( 6am ) and returns early ( 5 pm) and is a genuine small group (8). We offer more stops for photos, Extra time at the 12 Apostles, fun and informative commentary, a mountain café lunch with an Aussie Theme, and our signature friendly and personal service.

Why Us?

  • Genuine small group tour with personal, friendly service:  We are a genuine small group tour (8)
  • Affordable Great Ocean Road tours: experience the best at a great rate
  • Our commentary is second to none: learn about Australia’s history and culture, Indigenous Australians, and the geology and geography of the Great Ocean Road. We  also include  quiet time so you can enjoy the views and chat with your companions, too!
  • Early pick-up and start at 6 am: we have most of the photo stops and lookouts to ourselves . We also include extra viewing stops for additional photo opps!
  • Early return at 5 pm: Enjoy more time in sensational Melbourne
  • Breakfast/snack pack: Start the day right with our selection of snacks
  • Included lunch: Fresh cooked meals in a mountain café with an Aussie Theme
  • Kangaroo and Koala sightings: We look for kangaroos and Koalas in the bush
  • Farmland home drive:  We travel through Victorian Farmland , Sheep, Dairy and crops, before joining the freeway back to Melbourne
  • We don’t rush you: we give you as much time as possible to explore and take in the scenery We invented the 10 second rule to make you slow down at lookouts, and, we give a bit more time at the 12 Apostles than many other tours.


Our Mission

At Ocean Road Tours, our mission is to provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Using inspiring conversations and stories of old and new, we bring this coastal wonderland to life. We will give you the Best Day Tour of The Great Ocean Road you can possibly get. At Ocean Road Tours you see, hear, enjoy, and experience more.

The Great Ocean Road with the twelve apostles

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