Our Latest News

BUSH FIRE UPDATE 11 Feb 2020. At this stage the fires in Victoria are in the East of the state and some 500 km ( 300 m ) from the main viewing areas along the Great Ocean Road and are all under control. We are not affected by the fires and have not been for a couple of weeks now. We had only 1 day where conditions made viewing the sights poor, however, we can also get these conditions with Fog and Ocean Spray at times during the year. The fires were terrible, yes, but not at devastating as some over the top press reports. The best way you can help Australia is to come on down and spend some money here please. That is the best thing you can do for us.


We are Very Busy at this time of year, We have only 6 Seats available in Feb and March is Half Full already, so please Book Ahead to secure your seat.

Summer is hotting up and we can expect temperatures over 40c at times, but with our ever changing weather we have some cooler days and rain at the moment. Please wear appropriate clothing and bring a hat.

We have teamed up with skydeck88 to offer you a 10% discount on your skydeck88 experience. As our drop off point is directly opposite skydeck88 why not visit after your tour. Vouchers are obtainable from the bus on your tour day.