Our Latest News

We are having a break for 3 weeks in August to recharge for the Summer Season and would like to thank everyone who has travelled with us and who has taken the time to post more than 200 5 star reviews. Only in our third year and we have carried more than a thousand happy travellers to Visit one of Australias Coastal Wonders. Thanks

Ocean Road Tours is pleased to announce our tour dates for the Great Ocean Road Day Tours for the 2019-2020 Christmas/New Year dates.

During Christmas and New Year for the 2019-202o Tours we are operating as usual for the first time. Monday Wednesday and Friday we will have our small group 5 Star reviewed tours along the Great Ocean Road with the only exceptions being Christmas Day on the 25th of December and New Years day on the 1st of January 2020. Book Early via our Secure booking system online.

The Whales are back. First sighting of the season. The Southern Right Whales have made their winter return to the warmer waters of the Southern Australian Coastline, to give birth to their Calves and feed them up for the return journey to Antarctica in a few months. We saw two beauties just of the coast a few minutes past Lorne on Wednesdays tour. We were all very excited and we had a great view. Ocean Road Tours get to see so much more wildlife due to our Early Departures. We are constantly looking and often seeing all kinds of Wildlife along the Great Ocean Road Tour. July 2019

We have teamed up with skydeck88 to offer you a 10% discount on your skydeck88 experience. As our drop off point is directly opposite skydeck88 why not visit after your tour. Vouchers are obtainable from the bus on your tour day.