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Tours re-commencing on 10th September for the upcoming 2022-23 season

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The Great ocean road tour daily tours in single day

Ocean Tours

The great ocean road is located in the south east coast of Australia. It is located on near the seaside of the south east coast. It is a two lane coastline, which covers a number of tourist places near to this road. It connects the pathway between two cities of south east Australia between the Geelong and Warrambool. The great ocean road day tour starts have one end of the  connecting link of Ziegler Parade, wood stacks lane of princess highway and the Cobden Warrambool road in the Allansford and other extreme end of this road is at the Torquay near Geelong city. There are as number of beautiful places near the road. These places are mainly:

  • Kangaroos in the wild at Bells Beach
  • Pt Addis Coastal View
  • Anglesea View of Pt Road night
  • Memorial Arch (Great Ocean Road Sign)
  • Hand feed Native Birds and See Koalas
  • Cape Patton Lookout (Spectacular Lookout)
  • Lunch Stop at The Shoppe, Lavers Hill
  • Volcanoes and Lake Colac (on the trip home)
  • 12 Apostles (Depends upon the Journey)

It is a tough job to see all these places in a single day of the journey. We have solved these issues by making the ready-made journey for the tourists. We have the daily great ocean road day tours which are done in a single day of the tour. The tours are the single day tours which are made to visit all these locations. Along with the journey we are also providing some facilities which make you feel comfortable with the journey. These are the lunch, breakfast and the other basic needs of the journey. We are providing the following facilities which are the Pick Up Drop Off, Lunch, Breakfast/Snack Pack Cold Water, Sunscreen, Hand Sanitizer, Bug Spray, USB Chargers, Wet Weather Gear, Commenter and  Aussie Snacks.

We are providing the Great ocean road tour guide these are the professionals which are working with us from long time. The tourist guides have a long experience of travelling these places in single day tours. They are professionals in their works and having the proper knowledge in every place. They know that how to manage the tourists and they are also helping in taking the photos. The behavior of tourist guides is very good. We are doing the journey of the great ocean road day tour from the 40 years of time. So we are having the price range of an affordable range. Travel the great ocean road Australia in the price range of following:

  • Adults – $144
  • Children (age limit of 8-15) – $124

The journey starts in the early morning of 6am. The time is this much earlier due to the easy journey. The traffic is less at the early morning time. If there is less crowd, then there may be more fun. The journey ends at the evening time of the 6 pm or according to the consent of the crew members.  Some limitations are here for the tourists that we cannot allow the passengers of weight more than 130 kg and the kids of age less than 8 years are not allowed in the journey. We can have maximum 8 passengers in the journey. The selection of 8 passengers is due to convince of the passengers.

We are providing the best services in the single day tours. For the Great ocean road tour, tripadvisor awarded us the certificate of excellence in the year 2017. We are available only for the three days ion single week. These days are the Monday, Wednesday and the Friday. We are offering you to interact with the wildlife of the Australia in this journey. The journey includes the Kangaroos in the wildlife. We are having you the experience of hand feeding the birds for the tourists. We are also having an experience for you to see the koalas in the wildlife. The koalas are the animal found in the Australia in the east region mainly. These are found on the tree of eucalyptus in the open forest. The diet of koalas is based on the eucalyptus trees by eating the leaves of the tree. The leaves of the eucalyptus have very low nutrition hence the koalas sleep more than 20 hours in the day due to the lesser diet.

The places in the journey are already mentioned above. The Point Addis coastal view is located in the east side of the Angelsea. The point Addis view has the beautiful, spectacular view of the seaside. Point Addis is the great place for the surfing lovers. The point Addis is generally known for the surf lovers. The Point Road-night is located near the Torquay in the south east coast of Australia. It is also the famous place for the surf lovers. The point Roadnight has the beautiful coast view of the seaside. The spectacular view of the beach is amazing. The memorial arch is located on the great ocean road. It is completed in 1932 and it is a memorial sign in the honor of the contribution of First World War servicemen. The road sign has its own significance in the Australia history. Book your journey today with the following contact information: