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Tours re-commencing on 10th September for the upcoming 2022-23 season

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Autumn – the changing of the seasons

An aerial view of the turquoise water in Melbourne

There is no better time to be along the Great Ocean Road – The changing of the seasons

Early morning starts allow us to great the sunrise and view the morning mists and stunning light show which is a highlight of this time of year.
One of our first stops along the Great Ocean Road is a secret Surf Beach Lookout which offers us stunning 180 degree coastal views of the stunning sandstone cliffs along this Magnificent Surf coast Section of The Great Ocean Road. Autumn brings Sunshine peaking through the clouds and striking these Majestic Sandstone Cliffs. As usual most times we are all alone. The colours and shades of light are intense at this time of day and at this location brilliant photos are the captured for a lifetime of memories. Autumn also offers stunning variations of scenery all along the Great Ocean Road and most times the weather clears in the Afternoon for our visits at the 12 Apostles and Loch Ard Gorge.
At Ocean Road Tours we offer a small group premium style tour with extra stops to take advantage of the Brilliant Autumn light show. By leaving early in the morning we are often ahead of other tours and we have many lookouts and photo stops to ourselves. While dining on Barramundi at Lunch time the conversation turns to the magnificent scenery and photos seen already during the tour.

“Avoid the crowds – A must tour!”

My mother and I had the pleasure to go on an Ocean Road Tour with Stuart as our guide. There are plenty of reasons why I can recommend this tour as a must on your next trip to Melbourne:

1) The tour leaves early from Melbourne (around 6 am) and as such avoids the bus loads of crowds which tend to leave later in the morning. Throughout our stops along the tour, we found that we almost had them to ourselves and there weren’t masses of tourists, even at the most popular stop, the twelve apostles. Another advantage to leaving early is arriving back in Melbourne early so if you have a flight to catch (such as in our case) or want to see a theatre show and go out for dinner, you can. This is great compared to other tours which may not arrive back until well after 9 pm.

2) The tour group consists of up to a maximum of 8 people. Small groups tend to have plenty of advantages. For one, the tour guide can remember your name and is unlikely to forget you at a stop. Another benefit is that the tour guide is willing and able (due to the smaller number) to take photos. You are also more likely to get to know your fellow tour contingent. The size of Stuart’s vehicle allowed us to stop at lookout’s that larger buses would struggle to stop at. We had an opportunity to feed birds and look at koalas which was very memorable.

3) Stuart was excellent, informative, knowledgeable and accommodating. I enjoyed his explanation of the First Australians, especially because this was not something that was ever brought up in other tours we went on in Melbourne. Stuart adapted the trip to the changing weather conditions, provided us with plenty of toilet breaks throughout the trip as well as a breakfast pack, snacks and hand sanitiser. Unlike many tours which tend to stop at a larger town for lunch, Stuart has chosen an ideal local café which provides wholesome, delicious food ready for you when you arrive. There was also complimentary water and USB/power chargers on board a comfortable well air-conditioned vehicle. Stuarts driving skills were also second-to-none.

Overall, we would be more than happy to recommend this tour to anyone thinking of doing a great ocean road tour!
Visited April 2017 by Saifiti