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“We had an absolutely wonderful tour of the Great Ocean Road with Ocean Road Tours! Stuart was friendly and really enthusiastic, sharing nuggets of information about the Great Ocean Road, the history as well as Australia and its people. The tour kicks off early to avoid the hordes of tour buses giving you enjoy the tour with your small group as well as taking pictures without a jostle. Stuart provided for a healthy breakfast and a hearty and delicious local lunch. Plus you get back to the city early to enjoy your dinner and maybe include another site in your day. We had an amazing time with Stuart and can’t recommend him enough. If you are doing the great ocean road, do it with Ocean Road Tours!”
M.Saif  23/10/2017

 “A fantastic experience on this amazing day tour with one of the best guides you’ll ever get! If you are going on a tour to the Great Ocean Road it HAS to be this one!!! Thank you Stuart!”
Gemma C 11/09.2017

“Avoid the crowds – A must tour!”
My mother and I had the pleasure to go on an Ocean Road Tour with Stuart as our guide. There are plenty of reasons why I can recommend this tour as a must on your next trip to Melbourne:

1) The tour leaves early from Melbourne (around 6 am) and as such avoids the bus loads of crowds which tend to leave later in the morning. Throughout our stops along the tour, we found that we almost had them to ourselves and there weren’t masses of tourists, even at the most popular stop, the twelve apostles. Another advantage to leaving early is arriving back in Melbourne early so if you have a flight to catch (such as in our case) or want to see a theatre show and go out for dinner, you can. This is great compared to other tours which may not arrive back until well after 9 pm.

2) The tour group consists of up to a maximum of 8 people. Small groups tend to have plenty of advantages. For one, the tour guide can remember your name and is unlikely to forget you at a stop. Another benefit is that the tour guide is willing and able (due to the smaller number) to take photos. You are also more likely to get to know your fellow tour contingent. The size of Stuart’s vehicle allowed us to stop at lookout’s that larger buses would struggle to stop at. We had an opportunity to feed birds and look at koalas which was very memorable.

3) Stuart was excellent, informative, knowledgeable and accommodating. I enjoyed his explanation of the First Australians, especially because this was not something that was ever brought up in other tours we went on in Melbourne. Stuart adapted the trip to the changing weather conditions, provided us with plenty of toilet breaks throughout the trip as well as a breakfast pack, snacks and hand sanitiser. Unlike many tours which tend to stop at a larger town for lunch, Stuart has chosen an ideal local café which provides wholesome, delicious food ready for you when you arrive. There was also complimentary water and USB/power chargers on board a comfortable well air-conditioned vehicle. Stuarts driving skills were also second-to-none.
Overall, we would be more than happy to recommend this tour to anyone thinking of doing a great ocean road tour!, Ocean Road Day Tours Gallery”

Visited April 2017 by Saifiti

“Thank you for a beautiful and unforgettable day! It was my pleasure to join your tour. The tour is exactly as described on the website. Booking went smoothly and confirmation email provides you with all the info you need for the trip. Pick up was on time and you are provided with a wonderful breakfast pack.  The whole trip is well thought through so that you are comfortable and see as much of Great Ocean Road in a day as possible. You stop many times along the way – often where the big buses don’t (there are max 8 passengers on this tour). Another big bonus of this tour is that you start at 6am and therefore avoid all the crowds! We saw kangaroos, koalas and many many beautiful views along the coast and had a delicious lunch at a small cafe along the road (included in the tour). Stuart takes great care of his guests and loves to share with them his immense knowledge of the Great Ocean Road, Australian wildlife and Australia in general. So not only is the trip full of beautiful scenic views it is also very informative. So I would highly recommend this tour to anyone looking for an unforgettable day at the Great Ocean Road.”
PetiSch Visited February 2017 Ocean Road Day Tours Gallery

“I booked it because of the early start, the new bus, and the small size of group. And loved it not only because of all these, but also because Stuart is an excellent guide and a really nice genuine person, who took us not only to the classic spots, but to lovely hidden places where we were the only visitors – charming rustic cafe for lunch, deserted viewpoints with stunning ocean outlook. Lots of great stories, interesting information (who knew about the sex life of the male echidna?), and evident pride in his business and his country.
Great work. EHB London”. – Visited January 2017

“Stuart’s small group tour was a welcome change from the usual large group options. The tour was run on time and was exactly as described. The box breakfast and café lunch made the day especially easy and pleasant. Stuart’s great concern for our comfort, knowledgeable commentary and sense of humour made this a thoroughly enjoyable day out. I’d do it again!Ocean Tours”
rmbn Belgium – Visited January 2017

“I booked this tour because it promised a small group and it was a 6am pickup to beat the crowds. We had 6 in our group on the day. Lunch was delicious at a very quaint cafe run by some great people and all the stops we made to see the ocean road was spectacular. The bird feeding was amazing too and was an added surprise to the tour. I would highly recommend this tour as we got back before rush hour and the pace of the tour was just right. we certainly beat all the large tour groups which was a bonus point of this tour. Stuart’s wit and knowledge made the whole tour enjoyable. Stuart was a wonderful guide – He is passionate about his job as a tour guide so that came across throughout”.

Dushyan London – Visited December 2016 (ocean road day tours Gallery)

“From the word go Stuart’s tour was excellent and if I could give 6 stars I would. No rushing at photo opportunities, informative commentary, plenty of food and drinks. Scenery to die for, (whales a bonus!) birds, kangaroos, koalas. Small, friendly group”.
Sandy H

“This is the best way to experience this phenomenal landscape: in a small group–eight people maximum–with a passionate, kind and endlessly knowledgeable guide. Stuart is a great guy, full of fascinating information, who knows all the right places to take a group of tourists to give them an awe-inspiring experience. The views of scenery and wildlife are fantastic, as was the lunch. Highly recommended!”
Conrad A

“From pick up till drop off the day was full of adventure. The views , the pictures we got to take, feeding the birds and then an awesome lunch at a boutique cafe. Stuart was informative and knowledgeable about the great ocean road so made an excellent guide. Would highly recommend this tour “.
Tristan and Yvonne .NZ.

“We had an amazing visit on the Great Ocean Road. We are so happy that we booked this tour from Melbourne. We would highly recommend this small group tour because it makes it easy to get to sights that no big bus could ever access. Stuart, our guide and host was very knowledgeable and made the tour very interesting. Lunch was delicious! Thank you, Stuart, for an unforgettable day

“We are very glad we chose this tour. It was sure a smart move to get ahead and on the road. Stuart was very personable. He shared his knowledge of the flora and fauna. We saw Kangaroos and Koalas and hand fed Native Birds. From Point Addis to the Twelve Apostles it was blue green oceans laced with white surf. The Twelve Apostles was the crescendo to fine symphonic snapshots of coastline on that stretch of the Ocean Road. Our lunch was at an intimate cafe with surf boards in rafters, ethnic wares and cards amongst other delights. The food was served with friendliness which only added to the deliciousness. Also, because it was a small group, we could spend longer at places and stop off at more places. If booking through the tourist info centre, ask for Ocean Road Day Tours because we went all around the houses before we discovered what we really wanted. Stuart ordered the best weather for us English creatures: sunshine with a warm breeze Ocean Tours.”